Privacy Policy

1Win strives to maintain the secrecy of its customers and takes the responsibility of handling confidential details seriously. They have established comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure that all customer facts are collected, used, and safeguarded in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

1Win's privacy policy - what a player from Canada needs to know

What Data 1win Collect and How They Do That

They gather and handle your confidential material when you use their offerings or visit one of the Sites. The following categories broadly describe the ways they gather it:

About the transfer of information to the 1Win project - reasons

Your Direct Submission of Facts to 1win

1Win may require you to submit non-public details to them when you access or use particular features of their web portals and/or facilities. For instance, when you register, during the verification and anti-money laundering processes or an anti-fraud check, or when you get in touch with us with queries or assistance inquiries, they may ask for your touch material or specific documents.

Details That is Automatically Gathered

When you access the internet sites or use their products, such as 1win app, they may gather specific details about you by default, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the OS of your computer, gadget model and settings,the version and settings of the internet browser, crash reports, system performance, and the date, time, and referrer URL of the request. This material is helpful to us because it gives us a better knowledge of how you use their online offerings and products, which enables us to continue to give you the greatest experience. For instance, they can determine your preferred language using details gathered by your web browser.

They may occasionally obtain hidden details about you from other sources, including openly accessible material or reliable outside business partners, such as their payment processors. They use these details to validate the hidden material you supply and to complement the hidden facts they already have about you. They also use it to better inform, personalize, and improve their products.

How data is automatically collected by the 1Win site
How the 1Win project uses player data

How They Use Personal Data

Confidential material is collected and used by organizations for various causes, ranging from giving facilities to clients to improving their products and offerings. 1win Canada, a betting and gambling company, is no exception to this. They gather and process hidden material from their clients to:

  • run 1Win’s internet sites, make sure they function as planned, and give you the facilities you’ve asked for (fulfillment of a contract; legitimate motive).
  • establish and maintain the profile (Performance of a contract, Legitimate motive), they may also verify your age, location, identity, or self-exclusion status in order to determine if you are permitted to use certain facilities.
  • carry out the obligations under the law, to abide by all rules that may be applicable to us, to abide by the terms of their gaming license, and to stop unlawful activity, such as match-fixing and money laundering (Lawful requirement)

How They Can Share Your Personal Data

They may occasionally need to reveal your non-public material to other corporations. They will share your specific details with:

  • additional corporations in their group of corporations;
  • collaborators and outside business partners who help us deliver the web portals and facilities you’ve asked.
  • Authorities, governmental corporations, judicial systems, licensing corporations, eSports self-governing corporations, or other third parties.
  • Partners and those who refer you to us.
  • Other parties where they have your approval.
Reasons for spreading information about 1Win players
Protection of personal data of 1Win players - guarantees of information protection


They are dedicated to safeguarding the nonpublic facts and have put in place the necessary technological and organizational measures, such as:

  1. Encryption of details. Using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security), they encrypt all details that are sent between you and us to safeguard your hidden and financial facts.
  2. Limited access. They only allow employees, contractors, and agents that need the details to complete their tasks access to non-public material.
  3. Network safety. Firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and network segregation are just a few of the many layers of security controls protecting access to and within their environment.
  4. Dependable material centers. Their servers are housed in enterprise-grade material centers with strong physical security measures in place to guard against unauthorized access to the hardware they contain.
  5. Security surveillance. Their security staff keeps a close eye on all systems’ event logs, notifications, and alerts to spot and handle threats.

Your rights

With regard to your hidden material, you have certain privileges. You have the ability, for instance, to know what confidential material they have on you.  You can ask us to update any incorrect non-public facts they have about you. If they are using your non-public material to further their legitimate purposes, you may also object to that use. Send an email to [email protected] if you have any complaints about how they are handling your hidden details. Your complaint will be reviewed and looked into, and they will do their best to respond to you as soon as they reasonably can.

Player rights on 1Win - things to know