Conditions générales de 1win Canada

1win Terms and Conditions

Before registering on the site or in the 1win Canada mobile app, read the terms and conditions so that playing casino games and placing sports bets become a successful experience for you. Find out the company’s policies and your rights after creating an account.

Main provisions

  • The agreement between the player and the betting company, called the bet, determines the winnings in accordance with the established rules;
  • The outcome is the result of the event on which the bet is placed;
  • The user is the one who makes bets on this site;
  • Line – several sports events and their possible outcomes;
  • Cancellation of a bet is an event in which no settlements and payouts of winnings are made;
  • The company has the right to close the game account and cancel all bets if it is established that the bettor had information about the outcome of the event at the time of placing the bet.
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Basic rules of betting by 1win

Main rules of bet acceptance

  • The betting company reserves the right to change betting limits and odds for any gambler without prior notice;
  • The bet is considered accepted and is no longer subject to editing after notification of the registration;
  • The amount of the bet must not exceed the balance of the user’s account;
  • A pre-match bet made after the start of the game is considered invalid;
  • Live bets also cannot be edited after acceptance;
  • In case of an error on the part of the bookmaker, bets may be recalculated;
  • The bet will be canceled if the user’s actions imply fraud;
  • Bets can only be placed by persons who have reached the age of majority.

Types of bets

  • Single – a bet on only one outcome of one event;
  • Express – a bet on at least two events. If one event loses, the entire bet is considered lost.
Single and Express bets at 1win
Restrictions on the inclusion of certain results on the 1win website

Limitations of inclusion of certain outcomes of the event

  • It is allowed to include only one of the dependent outcomes in an accumulator bet. If two such events are added to the accumulator, the one with the lowest odds will be excluded;
  • Dependent outcomes are when the result of one part of the bet affects the result of the other part;
  • “Penalty to be scored Yes/No” bets will be lost if no penalty is awarded during the regular time of the game;
  • Bets “How the goal will be scored” and “Next goal” will be lost if the goal specified in the bet is not scored.

Acceptance of bets during the match (live bets)

  • Live bets can be single and express;
  • The bet is accepted only after notification of registration and is not subject to editing or deletion;
  • The betting company is not responsible for the course of the game with live bets.
Live betting at 1win
Match results and dispute resolution on the 1win website

Match results, date and time of their beginning, settlement of disputable issues

  • Bets can be recalculated if the bookmaker provides erroneous information and if the error is confirmed by the information from official sources;
  • The bet is accepted only considering the actual time of the beginning of the event, which is provided in official sources. The betting company is not responsible for the discrepancy between the time and dates;
  • Before placing a bet, get acquainted with the competition, the rules, as well as the game duration, because the betting company is not responsible for this data;
  • Bets made after the start of the event are calculated with odds 1 excluding live bets; in express bets, the coefficient for such bets is considered equal to 1;
  • If the company suspects that the bet was made with an already known match result, the bookmaker reserves the right to cancel it;
  • If a participant for any reason (injury, refusal, etc.) drops out during the competition, then all bets made before the start of the last round or stage of the competition in which they participated are considered valid and the rest of the bets are canceled;
  • If there were rotations in the teams, bets on these teams remain valid.

Amendment of conditions

  • All clauses of the agreement refer to the company, on the 1win website of which the user creates an account, thereby agreeing with all these provisions;
  • The company reserves the right to make changes to the provisions at any time without notifying users. The player can get acquainted with all the information on the site, where the information is always up-to-date;
  • If the user does not agree with any of the provisions presented in this block, then he/she needs to stop using the services of the company immediately.
Change of terms and conditions by 1win
1win's requirements

Right of demand

  • Users who have not yet reached the legal minimum age of 18 years old to participate in gambling and/or betting must not use the website, the mobile version, and the separate app;
  • The bookie cannot guarantee the legality of the use of the website in this or that jurisdiction, so the gamer is fully responsible for his/her actions;
  • The user is obliged to get acquainted with the list of countries in which online gambling and/or betting are prohibited beforehand;
  • The player confirms that he/she uses the website only in accordance with the laws of his/her jurisdiction;
  • The sportsbook does not accept bets from event participants or people who are prohibited to bet by law;
  • If the rules are violated, the company may refuse to pay out the winnings, return the amounts paid, and void the bets.


  • To use all the features of the website, you must create an account. Registration can be done by entering your email and password or by linking your social network profile;
  • During the registration process, the player must provide a valid email address, and, if necessary, identification documents. The user must also confirm that the information provided about him/her is correct and complete and update it promptly in case of changes;
  • Each user can have only one account on the site, and the use of multiple accounts is considered a violation of the rules. Such profiles will be closed and all transactions associated with them will be invalidated;
  • In case of problems when registering or using the site, the gamer can contact the support service via online chat or phone 24/7. In case of violation of the rules, the company may impose restrictions on the account or block it, as well as withdraw all payments and winnings associated with the violation;
  • When registering on the website of the company, you must indicate your real name and date of birth, which must match the name on the credit card or other payment system accounts;
Creating an Account on 1win
Data security in a 1win account
  • The company may request proof of identity, address, and/or payment account such as passport or ID copies, bank statements, and utility bills to carry out security and anti-money laundering checks as well as verification which is mandatory for every gamer;
  • If the company is unable to verify the player’s identity, it may block the profile, reverse transactions, and/or delete the account;
  • The player also agrees to provide any additional documents that may be requested by the company;
  • After creating an account on the site, the user must keep his/her login and password secret and not transfer them to other people;
  • The user is responsible for the security of his/her password and all actions and transactions made on his/her account;
  • If unauthorized access to the account has occurred, the user must immediately inform 1win about it;
  • The player must provide the company with evidence of unauthorized access. 1win is not responsible for losses incurred by the player as a result of incorrect or careless use of the username and password by a third party or for unauthorized access to the account.


  • Gamers who place bets must deposit only funds obtained by legal means;
  • Players must use only bank cards or payment accounts belonging to them to replenish balances and not refuse completed transactions. Payments from third parties are not accepted;
  • If the user violates the terms, his/her winnings may be confiscated;
  • The company may use various resources of partnering companies to process electronic payments and payouts to users;
  • In case of fraudulent activities, 1win may block the user’s account and cancel payments and winnings;
  • When withdrawing funds from the account, it is necessary to fill out the profile completely and provide the e-mail address if you have registered through social networks;
User Payments at 1win
Withdrawal of funds in 1win profile
  • The company does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds;
  • Payment time depends on the amount requested and can take a maximum of up to 3 business days but usually it takes only 1-60 minutes;
  • The sportsbook does not provide money exchange services;
  • In case of low gaming activity, up to 15% commission will be charged for each withdrawal;
  • The user agrees to pay for all services and/or goods and also be fully responsible for the timely payment of all transactions when using this website;
  • When you click Payment, it is considered that the payment has been irrevocably executed and cannot be withdrawn. The user confirms that he/she does not violate the laws of any state and has the right to use the services offered on the website;
  • By using specific services on the site, the gamer confirms that he/she has reached the age of majority permitted in his/her jurisdiction to do this;
  • In the event of a situation related to the user’s disagreement with the terms and/or other reasons, he/she may refuse to make a payment and contact the website administrator/support directly.

Collusion, misleading actions, fraud, and criminal activity

  • The company strictly does not recommend betting by a group of users located in the same local network or from the same IP address without prior approval;
  • 1win is not responsible for violation of the rules when making a bet if it was not notified about it or found it out later;
  • Transfer of information to third parties; fraud, use of malware, bots, or bugs in the software of the website; using stolen, cloned, or illegally obtained credit or debit card details to fund your account; participation in criminal activities, money laundering, and other prohibited activities may lead to criminal liability;
  • Users must immediately report suspicious activity if they notice that another player is colluding or committing fraudulent activities;
  • It is forbidden to perform gaming activities on behalf of third parties.
Fraud and criminal activity on the 1win website
Prohibited activities on 1win

Other prohibited actions on the site

  • The website prohibits aggressive and offensive communication, profanity, threats, and violent actions against employees and players of the company;
  • It is forbidden to upload information to the website that may cause malfunctions in the operation, including viruses, malware, mass mailing, etc.;
  • Players are prohibited from deleting, changing, and editing information on the site;
  • Use of the site is permitted for entertainment purposes only; copying of the website is prohibited.

Settlement of disputable situations

  • If the player has any disputes, he/she can dispute them by providing specific information and evidence through the online chat on the company’s website or via email;
  • 1win will comprehensively and objectively consider the appeal within 14 days. If additional checks are required, the review period may be extended up to 30 days. It is forbidden to use offensive language and false data during communication. The gamer will receive a notification of the result of the review in a response letter.
Disputes on the 1win website
Bonus action on 1win

Bonus actions

  • If the bonus is a percentage of the deposit, then the wager applies to the amount of the percentage;
  • The amount of the wager depends on the ongoing bonus promotion and is set by the site;
  • You can withdraw bonus funds only after full wagering has taken place;
  • If the bonus is accrued upon registration or without depositing funds to the balance, then the withdrawal of bonus funds is not possible before the first deposit.